Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday afternoon at Home Depot

The biggest thing that's happening right now is that we're moving in two weeks. Right now we're in a three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath townhouse where we've lived for the last four years. In that time we've completely painted our place to make it more ours. So, in two weeks, we're moving to this house: a three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath. But, it has a lot more room in the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

So, the big thing now is what to paint the inside. The new place is pretty much a blank canvas. The big thing now is the Great Colour Debate. We love the colours we picked for this place, that's the inspiration, but tweak them slightly so that they're different shades. So yesterday I went out, sans husband and child, and collected MORE paint swatches. The thing being a stay at home mom is that there's always someone here to talk I have this nasty habit of talking and humming to myself...'Hmmm....what's this yellow gold....oooh....I like this la la'.

Scared some small child with my mumbling.

My husband D wants the office painted black. Our office here is a very dark cocoa. It looks great, but black? Ack. But I think it'll look cool. He chose the very dark cocoa, and he was right, so this should be ok. But we're both very stubborn, and we both think we're always right:

D: I found the perfect office colour....(showing paint swatch)

Me: It's black.

D:'s Dark Cavern.

Me: Which means black...and besides, it's the wrong's a blue-based black...the rest of our colours are all yellow- or red-based. How about this one...Bitter's a red-based black.

D: No...I want black.

This ensues for about fifteen minutes....I'd hate to see if we had some sort of pressing issue in our lives.


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