Sunday, December 23, 2007's been a month....

Wow, it's been a month since I last posted. Bad blogger.

Well, we officially had our Christmas today...Olivia won't be here for the holidays, so we improvised. She opened up her presents, and loved everything. She really has the best expressions. It's nice though, that she gets that Christmas is more than just getting presents...that it's a reminder that we all have to be good to each other. One day, we were both at home, having a relaxing day. She was playing in her room, and I was across the hall having a bath. Out of the blue, she bolted in shouting, "MOMMY, MOMMY, I have to tell you something!"

I sit up, all worried, and asked her what was wrong.

"Mommy...there's POOR PEOPLE. And they don't have TOYS! That's NOT GOOD!"

I explained that yes, some people were not as fortunate as us, and had to use all of their money on housing and food, so they could not buy toys like we could. She mulled that over for a while, and I thought I could use this as a great teachable moment. And, that if I want to get some privacy when I have my bath, I should have it at night.


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