Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I was so excited to get writing that I kinda forgot something. Like introducing myself properly. Oops...

So, I'm Kim. My husband D and I are ex-patriate Canadians living here in the U.S. since November 2000. Because D's the one with the work visa, I haven't had a job since we moved here. Ok, I haven't had a job since 9 January, 2003, when we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, The Mighty O.
She is a real character...very independent and strong-willed. I wonder where she gets that?

We live here in the Seattle area with our two cats, Spencer and Dexter, and our ever-changing number of fish. We had five, then six, and now, sadly, four. The current fish are Curly, Cat, Hyde, and Papa. We had Larry, Larry II, and Moe, but they've moved on to that big fish tank in the sky.

That's Spencer on the left, Dexter on the right. They're brothers; the only two in the litter. Their mother gave birth to them on my brother-in-law's bed, and then left, never to return. D raised them from that time on, so they think of him as their mother. They like to help me with my projects. Dexter likes to unthread my serger, and Spencer likes to sit on the exact pattern piece I am about to use (when he's not eating them). They both really enjoy my knitting.

I went to University for about seven years. I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, and an Honours degree in Art History. While I was in University, I met my husband. He was visiting the city, and we hit it off. That was in 1998. We married 6 November, 1999, and lived all over Western Canada.

Well, that's enough about me. Oh...if you want to read more about D...he's such a copycat and has a blog too...and will probably turn it into a competition between us. We can turn anything into a competition...gardening...jack o' name it...anyways...he's at


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