Friday, February 03, 2006

Almost done the left side!!!

Yay!!! I just have to do the three-needle bind off! I read the Interweave articles on changing shoulder shaping from stepped bind-off to short rows, so I tried that with this sweater. I really don't like sewn together shoulder seams...they're so bulky. I'd much rather do the three-needle bind off. I'll do that tomorrow, while O and I watch another exciting episode of the Doodlebops.

Dinner went well last night. O and I spent the entire day getting everything ready...I like everything all prepared...measured out in little ramekins, or Gladware containers, so I can just concentrate on cooking. So, here was the menu:


Crudites platter

Main Course

Salad of mixed baby greens with white wine vinaigrette
Crescent rolls
Salmon with orange and pecans (this was a new recipe...and I think I'll be making it was soooo good)
Brown rice
Sauteed green beans


Sugar cookies and cream puffs (Mary brought the cream puffs)

The best thing about entertaining? Besides the fact that it reminds me that I can still cook....leftovers!!!


Blogger Laura said...

YUM! I want some leftovers! :)

Doodlebops! Yikes! They scare me. I turned on the Disney Channel for John once, and they were on. He immediately started screaming "turn it off, turn it off!"

Feb. 3, 2006, 6:19:00 a.m.  

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