Thursday, November 03, 2005

Other knitterly things, pt. 2...

The Mighty O
This is a little hat that I did up for my favourite model, The Mighty O. It was my first foray into felting knits (on purpose, at least), and I am HOOKED. It's just a simple bucket hat made from one of those pattern generator sites...I like The Diet Diary's site. I think I entered a measurement of nineteen inches for her head, then made it based on a twenty inch circumference. I wanted it to fit her for a while.The Might O running
I used Noro Kureyon, colour 123. First time I worked with Noro, and I quite liked it. It felted beautifully, and the colours are amazing. I was trying to match O's berber fleece jacket, which was hard, because it's a strange colour of plum/burgundy. She loves her hat...she insists on wearing it every time we go out. We took advantage of the forty-five minutes of sun we had yesterday, and walked around our neighbourhood.

I just had to throw this pic in...I get a real kick out of her.See my moves...

For more pictures, click on the Flickr badge on the right hand side...


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