Friday, February 17, 2006

I am allergic to housework

Yeah, I know, a lot of people say that. I truly am allergic to dusting, since I am allergic to dust. And since I haven't really tackled the living room since we moved in for a while, my allergies have really given me a beating today. O was very concerned for me, in my sneezing wheeziness, as I rifled through the bottom bathroom cabinet for my antihistimines...'Mommy....are you okay? You taking medicine.' Awww...she's so sweet.

On the Knitting Olympics note, I am cursing my measuring skills. Or, I should say, my inaccurate measuring. Or, more specifically, the coordinating of sweater measurements to pattern measurements. As in, I knitted for about 2 cm (about 3/4") too much before I started the armholes. I doesn't sound like much, but as I'm nearing the neck shaping, it's making a difference in how many pattern lines I have left.




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