Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knitting Olympics start tomorrow...

I am so psyched...I don't even care if I don't finish. This is my first knit-along...and it's kind of neat to be in a collective group all working towards the same goal.

I've neglected my green sweater a bit this week. I've been doing some adjustments to a pattern for a wrap dress. I have some major tweaks that I have to do to patterns to get them to fit just so. That's why I sew...if I wanted to have it fit just so-so....I'd buy it. So for most of this week, I've been working on adjusting the tissue pattern. It's got a lot of wacky pieces, so for the first day, it was a lot of just looking at it and muttering under my breath. I have a combination of narrow shoulders coupled with a broad back and I have to do a full bust adjustment. So it means starting out with a smaller pattern to get the shoulder fit, and adding to it to get the right size. Oh yeah...and I have a pesky swayback problem.

Really, it sounds worse than it is...

I're probably thinking, "Sure, Quasimodo...;)"


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