Sunday, February 05, 2006

On to the sleeves now!

I decided to give myself a break from cable pattern reading and do the sleeves on my green sweater. I did the three-needle bind off on the one shoulder seam...I'd post a picture, but we don't have a camera right now. Our new camera was kind of defective, so it's going back, and a new one is on the way. Oh well....

So, anyways...I'm almost done the one sleeve...I started it Friday morning, and I've been working at it off and's a 3x3 rib, so it's a fast knit.

In other news....I won me some yarn! Laura of Affiknitty had a little contest, and I won some dyeable sock yarn from Knitpicks. Woo hoo for me!!! I've been checking out books from the library on dyeing your own yarn, and I even went out and got me some I have no excuses...


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