Friday, November 11, 2005

Not just for pancakes...

We're now in our new house!! Yippee!!! It totally rocks to NOT have connecting walls with anyone. Our townhouse was nice, but it was not as sound proof as the builder said it was. It was three grueling days for D, who is the packer/mover extrordinaire. I was on The Mighty O (TMO) duty. I cannot pack to save my life. When I moved from my six hundred square foot apartment in Saskatoon to live with D in Calgary, it took my about two months to pack everything. When we moved from Calgary to Pemberton, it took us (him) two days.

Now we can unpack and adjust to our new place. I am the unpacker/cleaner. When we were here the first day, Monday, the floor in the kitchen and dining room was driving me socks were sticking to it. We had to wait until 8:30 Sunday night to get the keys because the previous owners were busy 'cleaning' the place. Yeah...right....washing the floor with syrup, maybe.


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