Friday, January 06, 2006

Finished another scarf

Yep...I finished my burnt orange Touch Me scarf. All I have to do is felt it down. You knitting guild meets tomorrow night, and there's nothing like having Show and Tell to get you finishing up stuff. Plus...that whole New Years' resolution thing. Haven't broken them yet. I think this may be a personal best....usually I just abandon them on 3 January...I've made it to the fifth, and haven't cast on anything new. Even though it is killing me not to. And really...I can write in sentences...but tonight I'm in a sentence-fragment mood.

So...back to the scarf. It's in a lacy pattern I found on the Free Patterns section on Knitter's Review. I love me some free patterns. This one is's from Stitchin Girl. Just look on the left hand's the Dayflower Scarf in the Free Patterns section. It's a pretty easy pattern, once you get going. I did really well, except for the last repeat...for some reason, I had a lot of extra stitches that magically appeared for no reason. I would even rip back, redo, and it would still be I added some extra SSKs in there...figuring, ''s going to be felted...', and really, by that point...I just wanted to finish.


Blogger Laura said...

Wow. That is really a pretty scarf pattern. I think this may have to be my first lace project. :)

Jan. 6, 2006, 7:16:00 a.m.  

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