Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogger still doesn't like the idea of uploading a pic...

...so I'm not....

So...the date has been set...my friend Michelle and I are getting tattoos on the 16th at 12:30. I took my picture of O in to the shop, talked to two different women there...so Michelle is getting hers done by Dawn, and I'm getting mine done by Jen. It works out so that we can get our work done at the same time. But hers will be done faster than mine, so she can keep me company...feed me Diet Coke and chocolate.

We were talking about it after we made the appointment. I remarked to her..."Hey...now we're going to be the bada$$es of the cul-de-sac!"

To which she replied, "OH TOTALLY! Now we just have to get babysitters...."


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