Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Too hot to do anything....

Anyone who really knows me knows that I do not take heat well. I'm more of an autumn person, with the colours...the smells...the quality of light. Which is strange, when I think of it, because I'm usually running a bit on the cold side, so you'd think that I'd love the summer. And since we're going through a huge heat wave, I haven't been doing much of anything. Well, except taking up my friend Michelle's invitations to go sit in her pool.

I've started writing again. And not just my little observations on the world that I write here. O and I went out and I picked up a little journal, and a bottle of ink for my fountain pen. I love that thing. I used to get the strangest looks when I was in University and taking notes, when I would stop to retrieve the ink bottle from my bag to refill the ink chamber. Slightly messy, but well worth it. It's one of those little indulgences that makes life more interesting and fulfilling.


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