Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to knitting...

Well, I finished TMO's mittens that match her Noro hat. It took longer than I expected, but then, I mistakenly thought that they were for her. Whenever I brought one out to work on, I was greeted by proclamations along the lines of "NO MOMMY...NO KNIT...THAT PONY'S MITT". And Pony would wear the half-finished mitten for a while, until that became boring, and I could retrieve it and work on it again.

As I was working on them, I thought "Gee, these kind of look big...but the pattern is for a four-to-six-year old, so they shouldn't be THAT big." Nope. They're big. Huge, really. If they were about two inches longer, I could wear them. But then, I don't have the largest hands...my wedding ring is a size four. (Woo hoo!! Hey...I'm a size four!! Too bad my ring finger is the only thing that's a size four...sniff)

They're made out of Suri Merino, so I'm going to felt them. Then they'll be warmer, and more durable, too.


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