Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This is such a cool idea...

I love Threads magazine. My wonderful husband D bought a subscription for me for some gift-giving occasion. (I'm really horrible at remembering things like that...right up there with Names of People I Just Met Five Seconds Ago). Anyways....there was a point to this...oh yeah...One reader sent in a great tip: She's like me and saves a million pictures from different places...I see a shirt I like...right-click the pic and save in a folder. And never look at it again. But not any more... set your computer screensaver to run a slideshow through all of these collected gems. It's nicer than the standard, boring screensavers that Windows has.

Photo from
Now I have this great running slideshow of these awesome pics various collections from Chanel, Tuleh, and other chic outfits that probably cost as much as my car. And here I am, in grey sweats and a dorky sweatshirt that D got free from work. How glamourous am I?


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