Monday, November 21, 2005

Non-knitting things I've been doing

Aunt Elsie's WeddingI love old pictures. I like going to antique stores and looking through the antique photo- graphs that they have.

It's kind of sad, though, to think that someone's family photographs have been, in a way, discarded, for someone to buy. My mom sent me these two photos. One of her cousins has them, scanned them in, and emailed them to her, and she emailed them to me. The wedding photo was in rough shape, so I edited out some scratches, smears and dust spots with Digital Image Suite. It's the wedding photo of my Mom's Aunt (my Great-Aunt, then). I find it curious that the photographer had everyone stand outside in what appears to be the middle of a Saskatchewan winter. Brr.

Funeral 1931

This picture is of my Grand- mother (on the left), three of her sisters, and her mother (my Great- Grandmother) at my Great-Grandfather's funeral. Again, outside, in the snow. Lighting inside must have been terrible back in the thirties to make people pose for photographs outside in the winter. Again, ran this through DIS to clean it up.

Technology is amazing.


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