Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Knitting Guild

Knitting guild was tonight. I finished steam blocking my scarf about two hours before I had to go. Every scarf was unique, and just beautiful. I got Katie's, and she drew my number. The scarf I got is a mix of green and blues -- and it matches my lime green leather jacket perfectly. My favourite shirt to wear with my jacket is light- turquoise coloured, and that colour is also in the scarf. Every time I put on that outfit, I always thought, "Gee, I should knit myself a scarf with green and blue, to really tie this together." Now I don't have to!

I will post pics...I even took some pics of the scarf that I made. I may have to go to Chris' and pick up some of that ArtYarns Supermerino to make a new scarf for myself. Oh wait...I want to make a felted Touch Me scarf like what Rebecca made...and one in Eros Glitz because it looks so cool knit up...

Ack....too many great yarns out there...


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