Thursday, December 01, 2005

That sewing part of my description...

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I actually do sew. Have been for years. (And I even posted a picture of a skirt that I made in The Good. I just find it hard, since I have a helper. And sewing requires lots of sharp little eight inch dressmakers' shears...rotary cutters...sometimes, I get to whip out my electric scissors (which is basically two razor blades hooked up to a battery...Ack!).

I have been really loving the new pattern line Hot Patterns. I especially love the outfit that I posted above. I could make the pants, cami AND knit the sweater for over if only I could clone myself, or eliminate sleep...

I really have to make some new clothes for TMO. She is difficult to buy for...She is very long and lean. Even though she's only about a month away from being three (three??? three??? she was only a baby like...oh...last week...), she wears size two pants, and a size three or four shirt. She needs the pants small, or else she's running around looking like a rapper, pants all hanging off her butt. But then if they fit her in the waist, she's all Steve Urkel at the hemline. Plus, I hate a lot of the clothes for little girls that you see in stores. Whose idea is it to make little girls look like the toddler version of Britney Spears? In something that I read, the writer referred to the look as the 'prostitot' look....Ack...she will NEVER, EVER shop at any store like the Limited.

I now understand why my own mother would shudder when she saw me doing the 'lying-down-on-the-bed-to-zip-up-my-jeans routine'....sorry, Mom....

And as a side note...since I know that you read this, TO MY HUSBAND, D:
If you need an idea of what to get me for Christmas...I like the Floribunda top in Glamour Girl size.*

* This is how he hints for gifts, since he's so hard to buy for, he will just announce, "IF you need any ideas for me, I like Thing X on the Insert Store Name Here's website..."


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