Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Have I ever mentioned I hate DPNs

Plus, whenever I see the acronym, I always think of Depends. I don't know why. My brain makes weird connections sometimes.

So now I'm on to the itty bitty sleeves, which are about the size of socks. I've had trouble with the sleeves (read: lots of unknitting and various bad words, muttered inaudibly so that Daughter With the Mind Like a Sponge does not pick up a new, interesting vocabulary.)

Anyways, for whatever reason, I had an off day. So, we went out to shop. I wanted to pick up another size 4 needle, and another size 5 needle, so that I could try that two-circ method for doing small circumferences. I may be a sock knitter yet...it is so much better than those nasty DPNs.

Also had to buy new shoes.

And O found a pair of sunglasses...pink (of course), with sparkles (naturally), and they're the same cat's eye shape that my glasses are. Except, of course, mine are Chanel, and hers are Dora the Explorer.


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