Monday, July 02, 2007

Almost done the first sleeve...

I've actually done some stuff since I last posted (well, a real post, that is...). I made my rhubarb strawberry pie. was good, although after I made it, I said we couldn't eat was too pretty to cut into.

Donnie said I should take a picture.

So I did.

I've almost finished the sleeve on Olivia's coral cardi. We watch one of the bazillion Law and Orders that I Tivo'd, and I plug away at it. I was worried that since I started it last year, it would be too small by now. And I've only had to rip back six rows to correct a mistake.

It still fits. It needs to be blocked, with a button band, and sleeves, but it will fit her for a while. She can still wear a sweater that I made for her when she was 18 months's a little shortish, but the body width is still fine.


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