Friday, July 27, 2007

On Holidays!

Well, I am now officially on holidays for a week. Actually, it works out to more than a week, because of the August long weekend. Canada loves its holidays. I think every month has a long weekend of some sort in it. February didn't have one, so the government created Family Day. Just because. So, on Tuesday, we set off for Drumheller, Alberta, to go to the Royal Tyrell Museum, because Olivia is obsessed with dinosaurs: the girl was a stegasaurus for Halloween. I tried to get her to be a fairy, or a princess, or something that was an elaborate, girly costume. Nope. Dinosaur.


But, anyways, we are off to see the dinosaurs, and then we'll hit Calgary and then Edmonton for the weekend. We have a wedding to go to up there, so it should be nice.


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