Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Olivia!

I can't believe that Olivia is five, but she is. We had a little party with just family for her actual birthday, and Saturday is the big party. We're renting the indoor playground at the community center, and all of her class is invited. If they all show up, it would be fifteen kids. Yikes.

She got a couple of new Barbie dolls, some puzzles, some clothes, some dress-up stuff that her cousin Arielle will love when she visits, and some Little Pet Shop animals, but the present that wowed her the most was the camera that we got her. Every time I have my camera out, she asks to use it, so I thought one of those kid's digital cameras from Fisher Price would be a great idea. Not surprisingly, it was. She took sixty pictures, filling the memory card. I'll have to snag one of our extra ones, so that she can take more before having me upload them on the computer. She took this one. That's my dad at the end of the table. I think it's a pretty good shot for someone just learning the fine art of photography, but then, I am a little biased.

It's the first time we actually ate in our dining room. Well, for the longest time, we only had four chairs for our table instead of the six that it requires. It's a long story, but now we have them, and we have a functioning dining room, not just a place to put the mail.


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