Sunday, June 08, 2008

Look what we got!

We're trying to get our back yard whipped into shape for the day before the wedding. And the day after. We're having a rehearsal dinner barbecue at our house the night before, and the gift opening outside the day after. So, we had an excuse to get some more plants.

Donnie picked out the John F. Kennedy rose. Because white roses are beautiful, and he can say that we have JFK in our back yard.

And, we both love calla lilies. I couldn't pass up the canna lily, because of the colour of the leaves -- a dark purply-red.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ok...make that three sizes smaller...

Well, I'm done my second version of my muslin for my dress, minus the sleeves. I ran out of bobbin thread, so I took that as a sign to call it a night. The first one was a tad, um, big. It literally fell off me. Probably not the effect that I would like. So, instead of ripping it all apart and recutting it, I went and got some more muslin and started from scratch. So, since I did my inital tissue-fitting in January, I'm down three pattern sizes.

Since I've basically made the entire dress twice, it'll be a snap to make for real. Of course, I think I'm going to take more than two hours to make it.

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