Monday, April 16, 2007

Our new house...

This past weekend was great. Saturday, we went shopping. We picked up some painting supplies and finally found a store that was not sold out of Nintendo Wiis. I'm not really a big video game person, because I can never figure out all the button combinations, but this was really fun. Even Olivia got in on the fun, and actually, she did really well. She tied me one time in the boxing game. She has some amazing coordination.

Sunday, we took possession of our new house. We went out for brunch first at the same place we usually go. Olivia was cranky and tired, because she has this idea that if the sun is up, she has to be up too. So, after brunch, we went for a drive in the country.

Olivia fell asleep within moments, and missed all of the scenery. It was an overcast day, and it was just starting to rain. Willow trees bordered both sides of the road. It was one of those times that I wished that I had my camera, but I don't think it would have captured the entire mood.

We've been busy prepping the walls for painting. The previous owners painted just for the sake of painting. They watched one too many 'how to sell your house' shows. In the master bedroom, they painted flat paint over a semigloss. The paint is literally peeling off the walls. It's too bad that they did paint; the colour under the peeling paint is very close to the colour that we picked.

So, all this week, I've been working, then going home, loading up the car with stuff, hauling it over, and then prepping for painting. It's tiring, but it's going to look so good in the end.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What I learned at work this week....

So this week, I had a meeting with my supervisor to go over the goals that have been set for me.

Apparently, I have goals at work. Beyond showing up and not being surly with the members.

Who knew....

So, yesterday, Donnie and I went into the city to buy paint. Yes, there exists stores that sell paint here, but we wanted to go to Home Depot. And, we bought some new furniture, since we have more rooms than we have furniture. Before we did that, we went out for dinner with some friends of his from University, and my brother. My brother is a brewmaster at one of the local brew pubs, so we went there. It was really good, and it was pretty cool to try some of the beer that he actually makes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Math wasn't ever my strong suit...

Days until we get possession of the house: 5

Boxes packed: 0


Time is just flying. It seemed like I always had about a month to get things ready, but here we are, getting our house in less than a week. The people who were selling it had a garage sale this past Saturday, to sell off their gardening stuff, so we went to see what we could find. We bought their lawnmower, hedge trimmer, and a few other little things. This Thursday, we buy paint, to start working on the bedrooms.

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