Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Month Recap

So in the last two months, we've done a few things.

We had the first day of Kindergarten.

My nephew turned one. Olivia even begrudgingly shared the spotlight with him.

Kind of.

I made some pyjamas for Olivia. And, I found a great way to mark the buttonholes.

I use wash away stabilizer. I trace the buttonhole markings, and pin the stabilizer on top. Because it's pretty much see through, positioning is easy. After stitching out all of them, I tear away the excess, and then throw it into the washing machine.

I used regular stabilizer on the bottom, since the pattern didn't call for any interfacing in the facings, and this was a really slippery satin. I didn't want it jamming in the machine, or sliding around. All in all, it worked out really well.

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