Thursday, December 08, 2005

Felting is done Part 2

Boy, is it hard to get a good shot of this scarf....I'm trying to show the texture, the pattern, the beads....ack.

I've decided that the beads are not so bad after all. Now, I just have to keep it away from TMO and her love of anything "sparky" (sparkly).

I've also made some progress on Touch Me Scarf #2....Now I probably won't make any mistakes, because I am running a lifeline through the first row of the sixteen row repeat. It's interesting to see how it looks in different yarns. I had a visitor, Handknit168, who left a comment on one of my posts. I checked out her blog, and there it was....
the scarf that I'm doing...check out her site...she is a knitting machine! (The previous post to the Dayflower scarf shows the ball of yarn. Next post....scarf.)

I ordered the yarn to make two Garnstudio sweaters... this and this cardigan. I found a new online store, Knitty Noddy. I wanted to use the Safran yarn called for in the pattern, and I emailed an inquiry to Evelyn, the owner, yesterday at 2:00. By 2:30, she emailed back, saying she had to contact the distributor, as she orders it in as needed. At 11:45, she sent an email saying that she had created a store page with the yarns. Amazing customer service!!


Blogger Sarina said...


your scarves look great! i really want to be making some scarves, but won't until i finish my sweater. i also have scarf style coming to me via a friend in a couple of weeks, so that will be an inspiration.

my sweater pattern is from patternworks, it is called scallops cardie #1228, it is shown by the marco polo yarn. i will post a link when the sweater is done. i changed the pattern, as i didn't like the yoke (after the back was done...oh, well).

yeah, it is kinda hard to see the "real" scarf in the photos. really makes me appreciate the professional photos we see in the knitting magazines and books. i love the sound of that antique velvet. good job.

oh, you know, until last week, i never knew about the safety line technique... always learning.


Dec. 8, 2005, 5:55:00 p.m.  

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