Sunday, October 08, 2006

I was thinking some more about my morning yesterday, and I finally realized the story that really got to me.

We broke off into groups, based on the ages of our children, and there was this one guy in my group. He was about my age, or looked about my age...I'm really awful at guessing. Anyways...we were supposed to introduce ourselves to each other, and give the Reader's Digest version of our situations. This guy explained that he had two little girls, ages four and two-and a-half. He said that five years ago, he was about to break up with his girlfriend, when she found out she was pregnant. He decided to do what he said was the honourable thing to do, and marry her, even though he knew that he did not love her. And then, he said, they decided to have another child. He said that he was fully prepared to live his life miserably, with a woman he didn't love, just for the sake of his two daughters. The utter sadness in his face as he told this was just heartbreaking.

I really get affected by the emotions of others. All I need is to see someone cry, and I'm a mess.

Ok...I think I'm going to go do something fun. Sit by the fire...drink some the Law and Order marathon on USA.

It's always a good day when there's a Law and Order marathon...


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