Thursday, February 22, 2007

So I have this theory...

Call is it some weird superstition that I have, but I have this idea that bad things happen in threes. After you've had your third bad thing happen, only good things can happen. Until, of course, a bad thing happens, then you have two more not-so-good things to look out for.

I have an alternate theory that goes with this. If your day starts out good...nothing but really good things can happen. I woke up really early this morning, so I've been able to get ready for work, and now I can sit here, drink my coffee, and listen to my new Norah Jones cd. So far, it's a great morning.

I am starting to see the end of my unpacking, and now, the phone just rang. Nobody calls me at 7 in the morning. Except, apparently, moving people who need to deliver some bookcases. I found two bookcases for a steal at Home Depot ($60 each, with 10% off that day), with shipping a whopping $10. I'd spend more than $10 on gas driving into the city to pick them up. I am so sick of looking at that stack of boxes up against the wall, it is not even funny.

Tomorrow, I'm off on a little adventure. One of the bank's branches needs a replacement worker for the day, so, off I drive to the little town of Wolseley. I've never been there, so I'm kind of looking forward to it.

It's good that I've been getting more hours at the bank. The jewelry store where I also work is closing down, which is sad, because it's a business that has the potential to do very well, but the owner's husband suffered a serious stroke several months ago, and since then, her heart just hasn't been in it. So, now I will make less money every month, but I will have more time with Olivia, so that is worth it.


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