Sunday, February 25, 2007

Somebody didn't want me to work on Friday, hee hee...

So, I didn't end up driving down to Wolseley to work. A winter storm was supposed to come through, dumping a ton of snow. I hardly slept Thursday night: I was too busy getting up every hour checking to see if the blizzard had rolled in. We didn't get any snow, but there was a really strong wind that just blew around all the snow that we had, and the highway down there was reported as having slippery/icy sections. I took that as a sign to stay home instead. Besides...I was worried that I would get there, the storm would hit, and then I'd be stuck down there. So, instead, I got some groceries, hit the liquor store for a bottle of wine, and planned to make dinner that night. I do miss having wine in the grocery store. In Canada, liquor stores are generally run by the government, and are their own separate stores. So, even if you want a bottle of wine, you can't just snag one when you pick up some last minute groceries. Oh well. Don't even get me started on the lack of selection.

In the afternoon, I got some stuff ready, and talked to my friend Ilaria for about an hour and a half. We mostly griped about ticked we were that no one bothered to phone us that the jewelry store was closing...that we had to find out on our own. Olivia and I had to run back to the grocery store later that afternoon, and ran into another friend from the jewelry store. But, for as much as we complained about the place, one good thing came out of it: I met some really neat people, whom I can call my friends.


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