Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And it's only Tuesday...

So, after much oohing and aahing over The Ring, and numerous telling of The Story of how I got said Ring, I finally got see how much I could actually remember from my marketing classes. I'm working in the marketing department all this week, and I'm already worn out. In the morning, I designed the ad that is going into the high school yearbook this year. After lunch, I stared at Excel spreadsheets, compiling this year's marketing budget until I thought I'd go blind. So, tonight, I am dead tired, and I still have three more days left this week. And, I do a full week next week.

My parents have had quite a few surprises lately. Thursday night, my brother and his girlfriend called to say that they are expecting their first baby in September. We're all really excited. My mom, however, is going through that whole, "My baby is having a baby" thing, since my brother is the youngest. However, he will be thirty three this year, so I think he's ready.


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And for the lining. When I was done knitting the pieces I used them for the lining pattern. First I roughly blocked them then pinned them over paper and cut the paper about an inch beyond the pieces. Then I used the paper to cut out the cotton and flannel. After that I just sewed the lining pices right sides together with the sewing maching and basically made a lining sweater. Then I seamed the knit part of the sweater then I hand sewed the lining to the knit sweater using a hidden stitch. Took more time but really well worth it for a jacket type of knit piece. It really just finishes the whole thing off.

Mar. 21, 2007, 9:03:00 a.m.  

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