Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why finish something when you can start something new?

So I only have oh...three sweaters on the needles right now. And a scarf. And a pair of felted clogs (Fiber Trends pattern). So what did I work on today? A hat. TMO loveslovesloves hats. It started in the summer, where the rule was, 'No hat, no going outside'. So now, she won't leave the house without one. She has this cute leopard print fleece jacket, with no matching hat. So, I thought I should remedy that.

A few months ago, I saw a commercial on the Cartoon Network for the show 'Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi'...and one of them (either Ami or Yumi...sorry, I don't know which) was wearing this cool knitted hat. It was a basic hat, but it had these long ear flaps. Long as in, hanging down past the shoulders. I loved it. I wanted it. And then I remembered how bad I look in hats. But, TMO can really work a hat. So today, I set forth to make the Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi hat. I thought I'd give making up my own pattern a shot. I knitted up the flaps first, because I wanted to join them on as I cast on. Then, for the last oh...four hours*, I've been casting on, ripping back, casting on, ripping back. I did the long-tail cast-on for the flaps, but I did a knitted-on cast-on for the main part of the hat. I was trying to get it so the garter side of the long-tail cast on was going to be on the right side. And then I had it all figured out, and knit for a couple of inches, and then realized it wasn't going to be big enough. Arrrghh...

If you haven't figured it forte is NOT coming up with original knitting patterns. I really hand it to designers...I can't imagine what goes into designing an actual sweater.

When I get this hat figured out, I'll write down how I did it...just in case anyone watches as much Cartoon Network as me, and needs a Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi hat.

* I did manage to squeeze in watching Law and Order SVU AND Nip/ maybe I would have done better if I was more focused...


Blogger Laura said...

Sounds as though it will be really cute -- even though I have never seen Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumigumi or whoever. LOL!

Dec. 14, 2005, 9:35:00 a.m.  
Blogger tinkerbeth said...

It will be fine, you can do it! I have been doing some of the same with the Camo Adam sweater. Knit a swatch, try again on different needles, commnce knitting, rip it back. Try again, rip it back. Uggh.

Dec. 17, 2005, 11:34:00 a.m.  
Blogger tinkerbeth said...

PS. Wasn't Nip/Tuck great? This week not to be missed on Tuesday! I think the carver is Quentin, or possibly Gina. But mostly Quentin.

Dec. 17, 2005, 11:35:00 a.m.  

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