Thursday, October 19, 2006


So 'professional mover' is one job that I don't think I'd be good at. I average about two boxes of stuff a day. I just like to think that I'm very...I'm looking for a word...hmmm...meticulous?'s late...I'll settle with that.

So I was watching Ghost Hunters on SciFi tonight, and one part just cracked me up. They were investigating the O.K. Corral, and in the museum, they had mannequins dressed up and posed as the people who lived there during the time of the big gunfight. It totally reminded me of a summer job that I had years ago. I worked for the Tourism department in my hometown, and they ran a Railway Museum. And an Information booth. No one wanted to work at the museum. There were two other workers besides me, and I had to do the scheduling. Everyone had to do equal time between both, and it was like pulling teeth to get people to do the shifts out there. It was in a very isolated spot, and on a good day, you'd get maybe a couple of people. Plus, the building was old, musty, and kind of creepy. Okay...I admit...I hated it out there too.

See...creepy, right?
To top it off, they had the mannequin thing going on too. The building was an old railway station that was set up to look like it had when it was operational. So, of course, the Tourism people thought it would add character to it to have life-sized mannequins dressed up, posing as people waiting in the lobby for the next train.

There was nothing like sitting at the desk, all by yourself...reading...waiting for someone to show up, and catching a glimpse of one of those things out of the corner of your eye.

Paul and his girlfriend, Keely.
So, one day, I came up with the brilliant idea of making my younger brother, Paul, go out there with me. Keep me company.

Part of the opening procedure was to unlock all of the outside shutters on the windows, open them up, and latch them to the building. So, as I walked around the building, and opened all the shutters, my brother was inside the museum, looking around.

Or so I thought.

Paul is an interesting character, with a twisted warped different sense of humour. As I opened up the last set of shutters, I happened to look up. He thought it would be funny to take one of the mannequins and prop it up against the window.

I don't know what was louder: my scream, or his laughter.

Funny guy.


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