Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Working 9 to 5...

...Actually...make that 8:45 until 6:30. I've only been at the store for a week now, but obviously, I've caught on quickly enough that today I worked with only one other person, to cover both sides. The job is easy, and fun. The only thing that is hard is the standing all day. I tend to choose shoes for looks, over comfort.

There's a lot of really nice things. I'm a sucker for jewelry, both real and costume, and there's tons of it in there. Some of the costume pieces are created by my one boss, which is neat. A little boutique has some of their clothing in the one corner. Some of it is nice...but some has a little too much sparkly stuff for my taste. Also, Hip2Knit has a little area there, right next to the coffee stand, so that is a very tempting thing., clothing, a yarn shop, and all the free coffee I can drink....yup...I found me the perfect job.

I also got another part time job. I'm going to be a front-line teller at one of the local banks. Actually, it's not going to be part time, but just casual, but between the two, it should be ok. It'll be a bit more busy, especially around the end of the month when the pension cheques come out, but it'll be fine.


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